A new tailstock clamp

Here's a random collection of pics. I appreciate that there's almost no detail here.
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Anyone who designs a lathe tailstock that requires a spanner to clamp and release should be forced to use it for eternity!

The standard 9X20 tailstock is locked down by a simple bolt and clamping plate.
I had two problems with this:

The idea is simple, elegant, and not mine! If anyone wants to claim credit for this, I'll be happy to give it here. It may have come from Steve Bedair
, but his version differs slightly. The cam rotates inside a standoff which pulls the cross drilled nut up. There's almost no precision involved in this modification. If I were making it again, id make the cam smaller. You don't need as much travel as shown here.

I did need to die grind away some bits, just to get clearances. No big deal.

What a joy to use!

STOP PRESS! I think I may have found inspiration for this modificaton at Rick Kruger's site
or (more likley) GadgetBuilder.com
In any case they seem to have had the idea first.